Composition & Rhetoric Fall 2017

Listening Process Prezi
VIsual Argument
Commercial Rhetorical Analysis
Film/Album Review
Research Proposal
Annotated Bibliography
Musical Argument
Multimedia Group Project
“The Integrative Listening Model” (Thompson et al.)
The Dark Tower Movie Review
“An Introduction to Genre Theory” (Chandler)
“Visual Folk Art” (Richards)
“Purdue OWL: Visual Rhetoric”
“What Is Visual Rhetoric?”
“Typography – A Visual Rhetoric”
“Digital Visual Literacy” (Spalter & van Dam)
Dove commercial
“The Phases of an Argument” (Toulmin, The Use of Argument)
“Data and Warrants” and “Backing Our Warrants” (The Uses of Argument, Toulmin)
“Letter from Birmingham Jail” (King)
“Logical Fallacies – The Ultimate Guide”
“Multimodal Composition: Invention”
“Thank God for the Atom Bomb”
Introduction, The Second Sex (Simone de Beavoir)
“4 ‘Reverse Racism’ Myths that Need to Stop” (Blay, Huffpost)
” ‘I Can’t Be Racist if I’m a Minority’ ” (BBC Newsbeat)
Introduction, Race and Digital Technology
“The Modern Maze of Cultural Identity” (Tedx, YouTube)
“Is Your Identity Given or Created?” (Tedx, YouTube)
“Fear and Loathing in Homer and Rockville” (NPR)
“Active Listening – Teaching with Music” (Yale)
“These Music-Making Apps Turn Anyone into a Musician” (Nield)
“Anecdote of the Jar” (Wallace Stevens)
“Homage to My Hips” (Lucille Clifton)
[short story]

“Take the Bus” (YouTube)
“Working Together to Make Things Happen” (YouTube)
“Successful Collaboration” (YouTube)
“Online Identity – An Internet Journey” (YouTube)
“The Evolution of Internet Identity” (YouTube)
“My Internet Identity” (YouTube)