Sonic Rhetorics in Tech Comm

Sample Memo

Sample Memo with Highlights

Horizontal Memo

Audio of a Single Student’s Interpretation

Student Reflection

I began the planning process by laying out my initial interpretation of the memo based on
previous discussions with my team when we did the original Memo Sonic Remix assignment. I
recorded myself reading through the memo while emphasizing different sections, brushing over
words or sentences that I would usually skim over during my silent reading sessions, and
enunciating words or phrases that stand out. Like the original assignment, I applied concepts
from the inner voice article, personal subvocalization, and in-class discussions. I then planned
how I would incorporate sounds other than my own voice into the recording. I decided to first
upload my audio file to Final Cut Pro, then record a few different sounds using the built-in
voiceover feature to replace some parts of the memo that felt rhythmic or systematic to me. I
conveyed a sense of rhythm for parts that I would read at a constant pace and sped up the sounds for parts I would read fast.

I did not run into any pitfalls while completing this extra credit assignment, as I was already aware from the last time that Audacity would not accept my recorded file type (m4a). Therefore, I went straight to Final Cut Pro for uploading my file and recording the voiceover for my chosen sounds. I converted the final exported video into a WAV file for submission. My outstanding success was my final product. I am proud that I was able to demonstrate the speed-reading process using sounds other than my own voice – it was quite an enjoyable and fun experience!