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Music video produced for 2017 Computers and Writing Conference, as part of presentation "Arguing with Music in the Rhetoric Classroom." Video focuses on digital visualization using Pro Tools software. Music composed and performed by Daniel Frank, Steven Quigley, and Michael Measel. Recorded and produced by Joshua Pruett.

Audiovisual interpretation and mash-up of Lisa Fittko's account of smuggling Walter Benjamin out of France and Franz Kafka's short story "The Cares of a Family Man." Starring Michael David Measel as Walter Benjamin and Catherine Brent as Lisa Fittko, and featuring original piano music composed by Michael David Measel.

Poetically inclined audiovisual mashup inspired by Central Railway Model and Historical Association, located in Central, SC. This video is both an effort to undercut narrative and to creative narrative out of seemingly disparate elements. The process of editing this video involved primarily placing data in close proximity and allowing it dictate its own form through illumination of third (and fourth, and fifth) meaning.