Themed Slideshow

  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Soundation/Fiat
  • 1-2 minutes, minimum 20 images
  • Due Monday, April 23
  • Reflective Response via Week 15 Blog


This assignment is designed to introduce you to digital soundscapes. You will interact with software housed completely online to produce music electronically, and walk away with access to a digital literacy that may be new to you: electronic music production. You will explore both visual and aural rhetoric, and think about how they affect each other in an argument.


You will create a video that is composed of a photo slideshow and accompanying audio. You will produce the audio using either or You have two choices for your visual theme. Using the topic that informed your research proposal and researched video argument, take a stance either for or against (either in agreement with your existing argument or counter to it). Create a 1-minute slideshow consisting of images appropriate to your topic and stance, and combine in in Premiere Pro with a 1-minute audio track that you have produced using either or Soundation.